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Guild Trader Hired

by Frilleon, 9 days ago

We have hired Ramzasa in The Hollow City, Coldharbour for the week of 7/16-7/23/17

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Guild Trader Hired

by Frilleon, 15 days ago

We have hired Canda in Rawl'ka for the week of July 9-16, 2017

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Guild Trader Hired

by Frilleon, 23 days ago

We have hired Mizul in Elden Root for the week of 7/2-7/9/17

please fill your sales slots daily, this trader cost a premium so we should make the most of it. 

Please refer to the forum pricing topic for pricing assistance or comment on this post. 

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Sweetroll Swindlers is a multi-faction, pve-focused Trading Guild Weekly bids are placed on public guild traders with a team in place to locate a backup trader in case our bid is not won, this means that we have traders offering your wares to all players passing by High traffic traders are a costly venture, with prime locations such as Elden Root, Wayrest & Mournhold costing millions each week. We charge a weekly fee of 5,000 Gold, due to the Guild Bank by Trader Flip at 6pm Pacific each Sunday. This fee, along with Guild Raffles & Lotteries allows us to place competitive bids in prime locations, which benefits our entire member base In addition to trading we love to group for daily dungeons and often do normal 12-man trials with first-timers welcome to join & learn. Guild functions such as skyshard & lore book hunts, pvp telvar stone farming, dueling tournaments & group fishing are all announced on our website, Facebook & through Guild Chat! Our Guild Hall is located at the exclusive Grand Topal Island off the coast of Grahtwood & features Armor Master crafting stations, a large & open dueling arena, a banker & merchant as well as the most amazing views out of any property in the game Come see what we're all about!
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